Pozible Campaign Update

We’re super psyched to announce that our Pozible campaign reached its target in less than two weeks – it usually takes us a year to get that much in the bank! We honestly didn’t expect such an overwhelming response, so thank you very much for your dirty cash and your kind words of support, especially to our overseas friends. Our debut record is being mastered as we speak!
But – and you knew this was coming! – we’d like to keep the campaign going to help with promoting our launch and producing our video for the first single from the record. We filmed it last Sunday with a cast and crew bigger than Ben Hur and may have gone a teeny bit over budget. Yes, it’s a recurring theme with us, we know, we’re working on it.

So please keep the pledges coming in if you haven’t yet, every reward is fantastic, especially the Rebellogram and there’s only one left! We can’t think of a better birthday present for that someone special in your life. It goes without saying that we fully support the reckless consumption of alcohol while you decide just how generous your pledge is going to be …
Check out the campaign here: http://www.pozible.com/project/194196

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