The Rebelles with special guests BackBeat & DJ Love Potion

The Rebelles Kindred Bandroom 170824

People of the year 2024, we bring you some good news – The Rebelles are heading back to one of their favourite venues, Kindred Bandroom!

It feels like only a heartbeat ago that the Rebelles last brought their girl group sounds to the Kindred stage, but in fact it has been many months. Time is certainly mysterious and we cannot claim to understand how such a thing could be true! But we do know for sure that on Saturday 17 August, a corner where Footscray meets Yarraville will again be pulsating with the handclaps, melodious voices and classic rock’n’roll guitars of the Rebelles. It could almost be the 1960s again, but surely not all of those tunes you are hearing had even been written yet… And that dollop of punk panache seems a little out of place for the 1960s…?

Further perturbing the space-time continuum, at least for the evening, will be Backbeat. This four-piece take you back to the early days of the Beatles, when they were playing clubs in Liverpool and Hamburg before the release of their first single unleashed Beatle-mania upon the world. With their energy and passion having lit up venues both in Australia and the UK, you too can let yourself be transported by the music of Backbeat. Forget all about what year it is, and just dance!

Who could it have been messing with the fabric of time? Perhaps DJ Lady Love Potion is branching out from romance-conjuring magicks and has also become proficient with other, darker forces? While we muster up all our courage to ask, she will be spinning soulful and sparkly tunes from times that may be past but are still preserved in black wax for your listening and dancing pleasure.

Tickets are on sale now, in the present, right at this moment! We look forward… or maybe backward or sideward through the spirals of time… to seeing you there!

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